It is possible to connect powered speakers to powered subwoofers?

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speaker level input

Speaker has become one of the very common things and simply you can find them in almost every home in these days.

The speakers can elevate the surround sound but still, most of the peoples are looking to connect the subwoofers to their home theatres.

It is possible to connect a powered subwoofer to powered speakers but it requires the little technical mind to connect them.

The powered speakers already have the subwoofers and amplifiers with them. But based on the taste and type of audio you can connect the powered subwoofer to the speakers.

If you are thinking about connecting a powered subwoofer to your pre-existing speakers, you can but it is important to grab the anatomy of the subwoofer so that the task on connecting both will become easier for you.

setting of subwoofers

Input, now the subwoofers are coming with the multiple sets of inputs that is to support the various system.

This is the place you have to connect a powered subwoofer to a speaker wire output. There will be two inputs option for you, they are line-level input and speaker level inputs.

The line-level input usually comes with one or two RCA type connectors and it is the most common type of input preferred.

Another one is speaker level input, these inputs can accept the signals from the powered amplifier.

Controls, these controlling system of subwoofer get differs from one another slightly. But still, some of the basic controls are similar in all types of subwoofers.

Volume, the control will contain the volume buttons and through minimizing the volume of subwoofers you can increase or decrease the bass frequencies.

Usually, on using the subwoofers you will experience the popping up sound in this case through operating the setting of these subwoofers you can minimize their volume.

Frequency, with the help of frequency you can increase or decrease the frequency level of the subwoofers. It is completely independent and depends on your choice of frequency.

When you have understood the anatomy of the subwoofers you can easily connect the hook up powered speakers and subwoofers if you are interested in it.

Without the knowledge on the electronic device, you cannot do anything and sometimes the mishandling leads to the damaging of the device. That is the reason why it is said to be handled with little knowledge and care.

Final thoughts

If you don’t have an idea about connecting the speakers to the subwoofer this article can help you in accomplishing your task.