Wearing wireless headphones on the bed

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These days, the majority of people are sleeping with music that is they are listening to music. In this modern lifestyle, most of those are doing this to have a peaceful sleep or to forget any of their difficulties.

Other than this when they are traveling out they used to insert the earbuds inside their ear and listening to the music for a long time.

If you are one among those peoples, do you think it is safe for your ears? The answer to this question is yes.


When you use the earbuds with good quality under the low volume is can be taken as safe, even though it is safe there are several cons of using wireless earbuds for sleeping.

Until you are using them with proper is okay, but when you are putting overpressure to your earbuds that are not safe they can damage your earbuds sometimes which can lead to severe ear problems.

Some of the damages that can be caused if you sleep with wireless headphones on;

When you wear the headphones or earbuds for a long time, it blocks the air circulation inside your ear.

Due to this, the ear wax starts to accumulate inside your ear, and slowly it starts to press into the eardrum.

This is not the right thing if it continues then removing the ear wax becomes a difficult thing without damaging your ears. 

One of the most common problems that are experienced by the prolonged headphone wearers is the otitis externa.

Probably you have not heard about it but it is the most common infection, it involves the irritation in the external ear and also causes pain due to oozing out of fluids in the ear canal that connects the eardrum.


This is one of the reasons why it is said to be bad to sleep with earbuds.

Your earbuds only can tolerate particular pressure but when you giving pressure on them over prolonged time without knowing it starts to die and that leads to the earbud necrosis.

Other than this there are also safety issues, especially when you are wearing the noise-canceling headphones. Even though there are any emergencies around you, you cannot get to know that. 

Final words

Everything has its pros and cons without knowing that you shouldn’t do it for a long time. Because that may lead you to face the critical situation the same as here too even though there are several benefits on wearing the headphones it is not safe to wear them at sleep.